Interview preparation

Coaching for a job interview

We all know that the key to a job interview is preparation. But what exactly should you do? And how do you know how you’re coming across?

There are no guarantees, of course. Sometimes a role has already been earmarked for someone else. Sometimes there really is someone better for the job. But thorough, rigorous and thoughtful preparation, with support from an expert, will give you your best shot.

I’ll put you through your paces and give you a practise interview you won’t forget. Often my clients tell me that the “real” interview was a picnic! And I’ll give you feedback, to help you sharpen your thinking, polish your presentation and give you your best chance of wowing the panel – and shining if you get the job.


I have no doubt that Christina’s coaching helped me to land a promotion. I’d done so much cramming and over-preparation that I’d lost confidence and perspective in my skills, ideas and how to communicate them at the interview stage. Christina got me to reflect in more depth on the role I was applying for and gave great care to reading my written presentation before guiding me to focus on the points I needed to get across. Our mock interview was a masterclass of rigorous questioning and positive reinforcement — and the practical feedback proved invaluable when the real thing came around.
Senior editor
UK news organisation

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